Psychotherapy and Counselling in Swindon

Thank you for visiting my website.  At one time or another we all find ourselves struggling to manage with the challenges life throws at us. No matter how well we think "we cope", everyone struggles sometimes.


We don't  always know how best to deal with situations and it's a psychologically healthy choice to seek help and support.

Andrew Cornick Counsellor in Swindon
Andrew Cornick BACP accredited Counsellor
Practice Room - Andrew Cornick Counselling in Swindon

People come to therapy for many reasons.


Maybe you're struggling to manage following a traumatic event in your life; bereavement, end of a relationship or  an accident. Or perhaps something that on the face of it is positive is not quite feeling as you imagined; a new job, relationship or child.


Some people seek help following a mental health diagnosis from their GP; anxiety, depression, panic attacks or phobias perhaps. Find out more about how counselling and CBT can help.


And sometimes it's none of these things. Sometimes you just feel life isn't quite how you would like it be, a deeper sense of sadness, lack of purpose or fulfillment. These deeper, existential questions might lead you to consider psychotherapy.


I provide counselling and psychotherapy to help people address these issues, to explore better, healthier ways to cope with life and ultimately to find balance and contentment in the lives we lead. Find out more about how I work.


It is my aim to build a professional counselling relationship with clients where you will feel accepted, valued and understood. Working with someone you feel relaxed and comfortable with is important if counselling is to be helpful, therefore I offer an initial "getting to know you" appointment which will enable you to decide if I'm the person you would like to work with or not. If you would like to arrange this please contact me. I work from discreet, comfortable rooms in Swindon


Therapy can be an emotionally painful but ultimately rewarding experience.


Andrew Cornick BSc.(Hons), Dip. Counselling, MBACP(Accred).

"Counselling enabled me to become the person  I wanted to be and to live a life worth living"